Sunny Life

Brenton Nims is a successful freelance web and graphic design artist with B.A. in psychology. He met Jennica on her front doorstep. Being an American, she immediately asked, “What do you do?” He fumbled around, captivated by her beaded eyelashes, and said, “I’m a filmmaker.” She then responded, “Really, well, I’m an actress.” They were engaged three months later. In 2007, Brenton, traveled to China, India and South Africa to shoot a documentary for a non-profit organization.

Jennica Nims grew up in New Palestine, Indiana. She traveled west in pursuit of higher education and earned her B.A. in English from Westmont College. Along the way she met her next-door neighbor Brenton, and since he was super hot and pretentious, she immediately fell in love. In 2007, she traveled overseas with Brenton to assist with shooting the documentary. Jennica is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory where she studied improvisation. Sunny Life is her first screenplay. Brenton and Jennica look forward to a lifelong journey creating art together.