Sunny Life

Sunny is a lonely sewer plant manager lacking social skills and style. Despite the drab world she lives in, she has a small seed of hope that one day she'll find someone with whom she can live out her fantasies of an ideal marriage. But years after high school Sunny still lives with her grandma and papaw and her large collection of glass figurines. To make matters worse, her grandma constantly reminds Sunny that “everyone from her class is getting married” and urges her to find someone soon. However in Greenfield, Indiana, the pickings are slim. There is one man who Sunny believes may be her missing half, Stan. Stan works the counter at the local doughnut shop that Sunny visits daily. Sunny decides she must overcome her shyness and learn the skills of a seductress to win Stan over and transform her life. Her new and unusual tactics land her an invitation to Stan's house where she learns that sometimes in life, habits are made to be broken.